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10W/7.5W PCBA

  • PCBA Wireless Charger Motherboard
PCBA Wireless Charger Motherboard

PCBA Wireless Charger Motherboard

  • Product description: PCBA Wireless Charger Motherboard

Product Features and Selling Points

1, chip integrated synchronous digital demodulation circuit

2, supports N TX common power supply
3, power 7.5W / 10W
4, through the QI WPC1.2.3 certification
5, over-temperature, over-voltage protection, software / hardware dual over-current protection
6, FOD foreign body detection function
7, DPL function

8, adaptive input voltage 5V/9V

R&D Department

Electronic product solutions mobile communication antennas and various small terminal antennas since 2009. We have established (parent company, Shenzhen Xinbinuo Communication Technology Co., Ltd.)Technology center of Shenzhen LazyCat Communication was founded in 2016. At present,

there are over 10 R & D design and technical engineers,and among them here are 8 senior hardware electronics engineers and structure engineers and 2 senior software engineers,forming an experienced and skilled professional team and laying a solid foundation to Shenzhen LazyCat Communication Technology design and technology products.

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