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PCBA solution

  • Italy Alcantara Car wireless charger Car wireless charger - copy
  • Italy Alcantara Car wireless charger Car wireless charger - copy
Italy Alcantara Car wireless charger Car wireless charger - copyItaly Alcantara Car wireless charger Car wireless charger - copy

Italy Alcantara Car wireless charger Car wireless charger - copy

  • Uumao Wireless charger car holder
  • Car wireless charger solution
  • Wireless charging car holder
  • Car wireless charging stand
  • Product description: Parameter Input voltage QC/PD/PPS protocol: 5V / 9V /12V Output: QI 15W/10W /7.5W Interface: TYPE-C

Product Features and Selling Points

1. Strong magnetism, compared with Apple's official Belkin magnetic attraction.
2. Alcantara High-grade surface material (other leather materials can also be selected for flexible matching)
3. Apple pop-up window

Products : What can Shenzhen LazyCat Communication Technology supply ?

Project planning, scheme circuit diagram design and shell structure design, mold development. Finished product assembly

Advantages: Why choose Shenzhen LazyCat Communication Technology ?

Honesty is Shenzhen LazyCat Communication Technology  best policy;

Mutual benefit and long term cooperation is Shenzhen LazyCat Communication Technology  goal;

Competitive pricing based on own world first class design is Shenzhen LazyCat Communication Technology  unique advantage ;

Strict quality control and punctual shipment schedule is Shenzhen LazyCat Communication Technology basic guarantee;

FAQ of this One-stop service for wireless charger solution

1.What’s the design code are you adopt?

Answer: Usually we adopt GB8898, GB4943 code, however European standard also practice.

We provide the best performance wireless charger solution and other electronic equipment solutions and product structure design. These early designs provide a cost-effective solution for the finished.

2. What software do you use to draw PCB circuit diagrams?

Answer: PADS Layout, Altium Designer,

3.Structural design drawing software

Answer: AutoCAD, Creo

4. Graphic design drawing software?

Answer: CorelDRAW, PS, AI

5.Are you manufacturer?

Answer: Yes, we are also a wireless charger solution provider and a finished wireless charger manufacturer. We are good at ODM/OEM. We have more than 10 years of research and development experience and manufacturing experience.We also provide solutions for electronic products such as power bank, HUB, LED desk lamp and mobile phone peripheral accessories.

6. What kind of chip are you using?

Answer: We are the distributor of Sunplus Chips in Taiwan, China. But we will also use chips from mainland China, such as E-Charging and other chips with high performance in mainland China. Other imported chips such as TI and ST will also be used.

7. What’s the minimum order quantity would be?

Answer: The minimum order quantity for customized products is 1K. If it is in stock, no minimum order quantity is required.

8.What’s the production lead time?

Answer: Generally, after the deposit of the order is paid, PCBA production only takes 15 days. It takes 25 days to produce the finished product.

9.Are you close to the sea port?

Answer: Yes, we are near to the one of the biggest port in the world and it’s the one of our advantage to export the cargos worldwide.

10.How to control the quality?

Answer: From product design to product sale, every process will be strictly controlled.we do everything which include checking the manufacturing cards,do prototype assembly and do the aging test of PCBA and finished products. Carefully each part before shipping. Including functional and visual inspection. so that we can avoid possible mistake in Client’s side.

R&D Department

Electronic product solutions mobile communication antennas and various small terminal antennas since 2009. We have established (parent company, Shenzhen Xinbinuo Communication Technology Co., Ltd.)Technology center of Shenzhen LazyCat Communication was founded in 2016. At present,

there are over 10 R & D design and technical engineers,and among them here are 8 senior hardware electronics engineers and structure engineers and 2 senior software engineers,forming an experienced and skilled professional team and laying a solid foundation to Shenzhen LazyCat Communication Technology design and technology products.

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