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2121 Global Sources Autumn Mobile Electronics Show

The four-day Global Sources Autumn Mobile Electronics Show will be held at the Guangzhou International Expo Center in China on December 10-12, 2021. Due to the epidemic. Can't go to Hong Kong to exhibit.
In this grand event with technology as the forefront, Shenzhen Lazy Cat Communication Technology Co., Ltd. stands out in the industry.

With 10 years of R&D experience and manufacturing experience. Become a company that integrates from IC programming - PCBA program development - finished product structure design - production and assembly.

It mainly shows the multi-coil-based scheme. 5 coil wireless charging, wireless charger for multiple devices, charging mat apple products, and Magsafe, invisible wireless charger, etc.

During the 4-day exhibition, one-stop solution to all product problems for customers and a professional R&D team have become our biggest advantages.

Specializing in various difficult customizations, the current wireless charging cases involve long-distance wireless charging in the furniture industry, audio industry, 3C digital accessories industry, drones, mobile power supplies, mouse pads, luggage, desk lamps, and sweeping robots. . . . .

We are good at problem solving,

OEM/ODM welcome.


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