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Analysis Of Wireless Charger Industry Chain

Analysis Of Wireless Charger Industry Chain

The wireless charging industry chain can be divided into four parts.
1. Scheme design
The solution design accounts for the highest proportion of the value of the wireless charging industry chain, reaching 30%, with high technical barriers. The current market is mainly occupied by foreign companies such as IDT, Samsung, and Apple.
2. Power chip
The power chip is the core component of wireless charging, with high technical content, accounting for 25% of the value of the wireless charging industry chain. The receiving end chip has high requirements for size, power consumption, and stability, and has high technical barriers, mainly foreign manufacturers such as Qualcomm, IDT, Broadcom, etc.; domestic manufacturers of the transmitting end chip have obvious cost-effective advantages and a relatively high market share. The main manufacturers There are ZTE, Jinxin Microelectronics and so on.
3. Charging coil
The charging coil is used to realize the current transmission between the wireless charging transmitting end and the receiving end, and it accounts for 15% of the value of the wireless charging industry chain.
Charging coils mainly include copper wire densely wound coils, FPC coils and flat coils. Among them, copper wire densely wound coils have the most advantages in terms of charging power and coil loss. Domestic manufacturers in the charging coil field have mature technologies, including Xinwei TX, Sunlord DZ, Tony DZ, Tanaka JJ, etc.
4. Magnetic materials
Magnetic material is a magnetic sheet material that is attached to the charging coil. It has the functions of magnetic permeability, resistance reduction, electromagnetic shielding, and heat dissipation. It accounts for 20% of the value of the wireless charging industry chain. The transmitting end magnetic material mainly uses permanent ferrite, rare earth neodymium iron boron permanent magnet and soft ferrite, and the receiving end mainly uses soft ferrite. Since the magnetic permeability and charging efficiency of iron-based amorphous and nanocrystalline materials are higher than ferrite, and they have soft and ultra-thin performance, they are the development direction of wireless charging magnetic materials in the future.


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