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New product 22-coil wireless charger solution

New product 22 coil:

1. The standard based on 16 coils is expanded to 22 coils.

2. Three-way fixed frequency voltage regulation. 22 NPOs. It is an upgraded Plus version of 16 coils.

3. Mainly for the combination of three mobile phones. Three phones can be placed at will (16 coils can only place two phones. Or one phone with two AirPods).

4. Single chip control. There is no risk of burn-in caused by serial code (for multi-coils with overlapping coils. If multi-master chip control is used. The main chips must communicate between adjacent coils to ensure that the adjacent coils do not work. Otherwise, the high voltage of the coil will damage the receiving device).

5. This solution can be used with various existing wired output interfaces of our company. Realize a "charging station type" wireless charging finished product solution.

6,In the video, the front mobile phone is randomly placed. The response speed is slightly slower. But it can be accurately identified. (The response speed can be optimized)


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