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Product Name: The United States and the United States elite package regular physical examination often ...
Physical examination city: Domestic
City Name: Shenzhen
Physical examination type: routine physical examination
Physical examination classification: General course
Physical examination items: Cervical vaginal transfusion Liver function Gynecological examination Otorhinolaryngology Electrocardiography Outdoor ocular blood routine Prostate color ultrasonography Lung function examination Thyroid ultrasonography Heart color Doppler ultrasound Chest tumor marker Helicobacter pylori Vision, color vision Glucose lipids Female surgery Medical breast Ultrasonography Leucorrhea Conventional blood flow Change urine routine general examination Hepatobiliary and pancreatic splenomegaly Male surgical cervical smear kidney function
Physical examination index: Lateral cervical spine
Physical indicators: Yin Chao color super
Physical examination index: γ-glutamyl transferase (GGT) aspartate aminotransferase (AST) alanine aminotransferase (ALT)
Physical examination index: Cervical uterus Vulva Vaginal
Physical indicators: pharyngeal septum tympanic membrane tonsil external auditory canal nasal cavity
Physical indicators: Electrocardiogram
Physical examination index: outside eye
Physical Indicators: Cellular Ratio Mean RBC Hemoglobin Content Percentage of Lymphocyte Platelet Distribution Width Neutrophil Absolute Value Hematocrit Erythrocyte Distribution Width - Standard Deviation Neutral Cell Ratio Red Blood Cell Count Mean RBC Volume Lymphocyte Ratio RBC Mean Capacity RBC Distribution Width - Coefficient of Variation Intermediate Cell Absolute Value Lymphocyte Absolute Platelet Count Large Platelet Ratio Average Platelet Volume Average RBC Hemoglobin Concentration Hemoglobin Concentration Intermediate Cell Percentage White Blood Cell Count Neutrophil Percentage Platelet Product
Physical indicators: Prostate ultrasound
Physical examination index: Determination of pulmonary ventilation function
Physical examination index: Thyroid ultrasonography
Physical indicators: heart color ultrasound
Physical examination index: chest position
Physical indicators: Carcinoembryonic antigen (qualitative) Cancer antigen 125 (CA125) Alpha-fetoprotein (qualitative) Carcinoma antigen 15-3 (CA15-3) Prostate-specific antigen (T-PSA) (Luminescence) Cancer antigen 19-9 ( CA19-9)
Physical Test Indicators: Helicobacter pylori antibody (Hp-Ab)
Physical indicators: Color vision Nude vision (left) Nude vision (right)
Physical indicators: fasting blood glucose
Physical indicators: Total cholesterol (TC) Apolipoprotein A1 High-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) Triglycerides (TG)
Physical examination index: Spinal thyroid (surgical) Rectal examination External genitalia Limbs Joints Skin Superficial lymph nodes (cervical, supraclavicular, axillary, groin) Breasts
Physical examination index: abdominal palpation cardiac auscultation lung auscultation
Physical indicators: breast color ultrasound
Physical indicators: Leucorrhea routine
Physical examination index: Plasma viscosity
Physical examination indicators: Urine bilirubin Urine bilirubin Urobilinogen Urine protein Urine specific gravity Urine color Urine glucose Urine pH Urine occult blood
Physical indicators: Body weight Blood pressure Height Body mass index Pulse
Physical indicators: Hepatobiliary and pancreatic color Doppler ultrasound
Physical examination index: Rectal examination External genitalia Skin Spine Prostate (surgical) Superficial lymph nodes (cervical, supraclavicular, axillary, groin) Limbs and joints Thyroid (surgical)
Physical examination index: cervical smear
Physical examination index: Urea Urea (Cr)
Medical Institutions: U.S. Years
Package Name: Elite Package
Brand: Beauty Health
Gender: Unisex
Validity: 12 months
Purchase number: men's lady

Applicable people: young and middle-aged youth


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