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Wireless charging group standard:

On May 31st, 2018, the editorial conference of "Mobile Terminal Wireless Charging Part IV: Performance" was held in Shenzhen. The conference was co-sponsored by China Electronics Standardization Institute and China Communications Industry Association. The organizer was Xiaomi Technology. The conference location was Shenzhen Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. The invited participants include: Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu, OPPO, vivo and other first-line mobile phone manufacturers, and Vodafone, Lianzhi, Meixin, New Page Microelectronics, Wuwei Smart, Qiaowei Power Supply, Olympian, etc. Supply chain representative. The topic of this discussion is “Mobile Terminal Wireless Charging Part IV: Performance”, which will mainly discuss the relevant scope and outline of the defined standards. Charging Head Network, as an exclusive specially invited media participant, participated in the discussion and latest development of wireless charging group standard "Wireless Charging Technology Specification for Mobile Terminal".

The previous first meeting identified the first three parts of mobile terminal wireless charging. They are: security, electromagnetic compatibility, and environmental adaptability. This meeting will determine Part 4: Performance.

The conference was presided over by China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute Yu Hong, first of all briefings on the preparation of the group standards, complying with the Qi standard specification within 5W, and other than 5W can be formulated by us, indicating that the wireless charging standard for mobile terminals over 5W is this time Discussion topic of the conference. The meeting focused on the mainstream Qi standard specification, and the A4WP standard was considered separately.

Each participating company submitted a technical program, and each of them expressed their opinions:

Huawei stated that for the sake of security, the wireless fast charging protocol was encrypted in order to prevent the damage of bad products from mobile phones to mobile devices. In addition, EPP can only be 15W, because it can not reach this power, so it is private. At the same time, it is also recommended that the upper limit of the wireless charging power of the mobile terminal standard be initially set to 65W or 50W.

Mickey says wireless fast charging will be a good selling point if it can reach the speed of wired charging. It is recommended to determine the wireless charging level, such as determining the maximum fast, fast, acceleration, normal wireless charging power, and output voltage. At the same time, it is stated that the privatization of wireless charging protocols cannot be avoided.

Vodafone agreed with Huawei's proposal for security. It is suggested that efficiency, time, and fever should be defined in the standard. It is recommended that the specification be “continuous charging”, and that different standards such as A4WP can also be put into this group standard.

Meizu provided a wireless charging proposal and emphasized the difference between average power and peak power. It was thought that the session on performance should discuss security-related content. Given that wireless charging is still in the development stage, it should be possible for each family to flourish to promote the development of the wireless charging market and enhance the consumer experience. Premature regulations concerning interconnection and interoperability will cause Shanzhai products to affect the security of mobile phones and hinder the development of the industry. Meizu demonstrated the wireless fast charging proposal, achieving a continuous battery charge current of 2A within the temperature rise range, and a battery capacity of 3000mAh in 2 hours.
In the end, all participating units reached a consensus that security is the main topic that needs to be discussed in the group standard conference. Since then, preliminary discussions on the performance of “Mobile Terminal Wireless Charging Part 4” will initially include: security, response time , power declarations and limitations, coil reference designs, etc. where safety concerns FOD, temperature, over-voltage over-current, etc. The meeting ended and the outline of the performance section was clarified, which provided direction for the follow-up work.


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